With adjustable capacity you can easily adjust desired kg value via filling indicator

With vacuum system the packaged product will be vacuumed to long lasting and there must be no air inside the package. Through this system the product inside the package stays fresh for longer.

With counter system you can control daily and all time packaged product amount. You can watch it real time.

Mobility system is the system that we developed for you to transfer the machine easily under tough environmental conditions. You can easily carry the machine via drawbar.

With feeding system the product goes into machine automatically. You can adjust motor speed real time. You can easily use standard feeder machines with our machine.

Weighing system provides maximum sensitivity with 3 pieces 100kg capacity load cells.

We offer TK 1500 MODÜLERequipped with standard components that has minimum maintenance cost, long lasting, widespread service network and minimum spare part problem with a comfortable structure that provides user friendly menus and quick process performance.

Sugar Bett Pulp Packaging