Feeding bunker is available with vibration and sieve.
Motorized level sensor is available for automatic level controlling in weighing bunker.
There are two adjustable 4m weighing band (500cmx1200cm) in weighing bunkers.
Under the weighing scale there are two 45cmx45cm 4mm weighing scales.
The weighing process is done by four 100kg capacity steel load cells.
Weighed product is discharging to Q-28 4MM PVC covered discharge part.
Filled packages are stitching in 2.40cm x 50cm stitch band.
We are using NEWLONG brand stitch machines in this process and then send them to loading band.
Automation board is designed with digital indicator and speed control devices.
Motors in weighing system are all speed controlled.
You can see real time produced amount and control it.
It tests automatically itself.
It has auto-reset specification.
It keeps the data of used and filled amount in it’s memory. It doesn’t lose the datas in power failures.
After the power failure it goes on where it was.
It can be produced automatical and manuel.
From Our Factory